Our Featured Artist - Todd Tremeer

Leading up to Remembrance Day, Martello Alley is pleased to welcome Todd Tremeer as our visiting artist. You can see some of Todd's beautiful Great War themed art on our feature wall, along with an assortment of poppy and war themed art from our artists.

Since the third lockdown, we have presented much of our work using interactive 3D technology. Using the link below you can look at our feature wall and select pieces of art and get the details of each piece.


Martello Alley Main Wall

About Todd Tremeer

Todd paints with oils and watercolour, make etchings and linocuts. His art oscillates between historical and landscape themes. Be it painting outdoors or from miniature models, close observation of the subject is an important element in his work.

The genre “history painting” underpins much of his work; yet, his practice strategically falls short of the grand narrative tradition of centuries past. He  situates history as both, fixed past event and conversely, evolving present memory or reconstruction. Painting from models means he views firsthand an imagined representation of history. In other words he's “representing representation.”

Paintings meld archival images, his travel sketches and snapshots of museum displays with memories of war films, childhood wargames and his own past lived experience, as a soldier in the Canadian army reserves. He draws often within museums and prefers working from direct observation over photographs. He does however have some affinity for blurred photos. Blurred photos, photo-stitching, poor light and other “problems” leave space for imaginative interpretation.

 "As a kid I liked history and its stories. I had a train set and built model kits. Ultimately the train outgrew its table, wrapped itself around the room and was overrun by Hot Wheels cars and small soldiers. Today I continue to think about model building―albeit dioramas associated with museums, train sets, dollhouses and pop-up books."

To see Todd's work at Martello Alley, go here.

To learn more visit www.ToddTremeer.com

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