Jardin'Art is Back


Something artfully exciting is happening now in Downtown Kingston and we want to include you in the scoop!

My name is David Dossett. I am the owner and founder of Martello Alley Gallery and I would like to introduce you to Jardin'Art!

As artists, we love how diverse our seasons are here in Canada, and we get especially excited when the diversity turns warm and colourful! We want to celebrate the Spring and Summer seasons with another free public art event. We have gathered some wonderfully talented local artists to create colourful, uplifting images made especially for the outdoors. Our art is on antique window screens, Plexiglass and anything else that can withstand outdoor weather conditions with subjects and styles as varied as the creative minds behind them. Jardin'Art is full of surprises! (Spoiler, the art is lit up at night). The artwork is distributed to local downtown businesses and displayed on patios, in gardens and windows. A map is available with all the locations of the art for an art walking tour. You can download a copy of the map here, or come in to Martello Alley to get your copy.

The art is a great catalyst to promote beautiful downtown Kingston, its businesses, our impressive architecture and, of course, our brilliant artists. Basically, we turn the downtown into an art gallery where folks can enjoy a stroll, a great meal and drinks.

This is a great opportunity for everyone involved and we need your help to spread the word!

On behalf of the participating artists, Martello Alley and the businesses and the City of Kingston's downtown community, we thank for your support and hope that you enjoy your tour of Jardin'Art in downtown Kingston!.


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A Little Gallery With BIG Ambitions

It is hard to imagine that just over a year and a half ago Martello Alley came into being. In that time so much has happened. We have met so many people from all over the world and right here at home who ventured into our little alley gallery. We have had the distinct pleasure of working with so many talented artists who have all brought something truly unique and inspiring to our "table". We have grown from our association with our artists; both professionally and personally. We have learned how to use the technology available to us to introduce ourselves to you. We have curated two public art exhibitions and plan on many more. We have been in the newspapers and national radio, and local & National television. We have worked in co-operation with other Downtown businesses to create meaningful partnerships that benefit not only us, but our customers as well. We have been included in documentaries and music videos. We have hosted artful public gatherings complete with live music.
All the while, our talented group of artists keep producing amazing work in multiple genres to keep you, our clients intrigued.
In other words we have been successful and that is because of hard work, grit, vision and most of all, you, our customers.
Every smile and "wow" we receive from you; every word of support and positive feed-back about our work and gallery; every purchase you make no matter how small tells us we are on the right track. It forges a tenacity in us to do more and to do it differently than other galleries because we believe that art should be comfortable and fun.
We hope as we go into our future that Martello Alley remains a driving force in the downtown area. It is a mandate for us that this community continues to grow and be vibrant, full of interesting places to visit both during the day and in the evening. We will strive to produce artful events to encourage this sense of community and we can't wait to share them with you!
So, thank you for your support of Martello Alley and the Arts in Kingston, it means the world to us.
Have an artful day!

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Winter Blues? Just add art!

Froid'Art Art on Ice

Photo: Alex Pickering

"What do you imagine the world would look like without art?" 

This question was asked of a group of kids aged 5 to 13. Here are some of the responses. "There would be no colours.”, "It would be soooo boring.", "The world would be ugly.", and “There would be nothing fun to look at."

Looking back, I realize that their answers sounded an awful lot like a typical Canadian urban winter!  It is hard to embrace our wintery climate without the elements of colour, diversity and some plain old fun. Let's face it, once those holiday decorations and lights come down, this time of year can be pretty depressing! 

Don't give in to those negative feelings! David Dossett and the artists of Martello Alley are launching "Froid'Art" again for the third winter. While it's not a trip to the southern climates, it sure is a colourful and cheerful escape from the monotone landscapes of the wintery city life. 

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Froid'Art, allow us to give you an overview. Our local artists create beautiful works of art on large pieces of plastic that are then frozen into 300 pound blocks of crystal clear ice! Each block is illuminated for a stunning night effect. Some of the art is painted with special paint that glows in the dark. It will give chills, but only the good kind!

Martello Alley is dedicated to promoting our downtown community and Froid'Art is just one way we strive to keep the area and merchants vibrant. We work with other downtown businesses and homeowners to sponsor the art. Everyone who participates has an art ice block placed in front of their business or house. Then we create a walking/driving tour (maps will be available online and at Martello Alley) so that the public can get out and visit the art, discover a new neighbourhood, discover some of Kingston's amazing architecture, meet some new friends, find a business and forget about the answer to the double Jeopardy question! 

This is a free public art exhibit and we are very proud of the sense of community it brings. We launch Froid'Art on January 27th at Martello Alley (203 Wellington Street) and it will run until the ice melts. Here's to some polar vortex action! 

So make that thermos of hot chocolate, grab your woollies and some friends and see what fun the winter can be when you just add art!

For information and updates:

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David's 300 pound idea

The Canadian winter, for those us grounded north of the 49th parallel can be a bit of a misery. All the hot shots, hats, scarves and a warm Timmy's may not be enough to sooth the feeling of wishing we could hibernate until April. Since this isn't a very realistic wish (that's why they call it a wish), Kingston artist, David Dossett saw a need to get people to have a new perspective on our chilly season. He saw a need to keep community engaged during the colder winter months, which is no small feat! And of course, he saw accomplishing that with art!
And so it began, a great idea to embrace these elements near and maybe not so dear to our hearts; a reason to smile in the dim light of 4:00pm. David's idea is to give people the desire to get outside, and do that as community. It's an opportunity to see downtown Kingston via a walking/driving tour. It's a chance to see historic buildings and new neighbourhoods. David's idea is called Froid'Art  and it doesn't get any more Canadian than that! This is the second year for Froid'Art, the second year for art and community to meet up.
This uniquely Canadian public art exhibit in downtown Kingston celebrates our winter and we feel like this season could use a little love. So to help you see the up side to your misery (and we think there is one) we want you to get out of the lazy-boy, turn off the TV, put your mittens on and hit the streets!The artists of Froid'Art each had a 16"x20" piece of Mylar, acrylic paint or Sharpie markers and the imagination only an artist can have. We created images to be encased (this is not being dramatic) into 300 pound blocks of ice. We promise they will be gone before May! 
The blocks are placed in various locations in downtown Kingston. All of the blocks are illuminated at night and the effect on the images is brilliant! Yes, we just patted ourselves on the back a little. 
Make some hot chocolate, get your camera, your neighbour and see "what we have created!" (That's a hint to one of the installations ;)) 
The artists have brought you everything from children playing to winter landscapes and an aquarium to city sites in Kingston! As a matter of fact, there are 20 blocks in the downtown area, all waiting to be discovered!
Winter is with us for a while, there's no use denying that fact. David's 300 pound idea makes us want to go for a walk!
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