Chez Piggy night scene print large by Piotr Bielicki

Martello Alley


Digital artwork large print approximately 8x10

The illustration created by artist Piotr Bielicki is a beautiful and atmospheric illustration of the alley leading to Chez Piggy, a popular restaurant located in Kingston, Ontario, at night. The card is rendered in striking watercolor, with a stunning attention to detail that captures the magic and mystery of the night.

At the center of the painting, the alleyway leading to Chez Piggy is depicted in a dreamy, enchanting style. The buildings on either side of the alley are bathed in soft, warm light, casting gentle shadows on the brick walls and cobblestone pavement. The foliage that spills out from window boxes and ivy-covered walls adds a touch of natural beauty to the scene, and the delicate reflections in the puddles on the ground create a sense of depth and texture.

The painting also features the iconic sign of Chez Piggy, with its whimsical font and recognizable pig illustration. The sign is illuminated by a soft, warm light, making it stand out against the darkness of the night.

The use of watercolors adds a sense of movement and life to the painting, creating a dynamic and immersive experience for the viewer. Piotr Bielicki's skillful use of color and brushstrokes adds depth and texture to the illustration, bringing the alley to life in a vivid and memorable way.

Overall, the illustration by artist Piotr Bielicki is a stunning tribute to the alley leading to Chez Piggy at night, conveying the magic, mystery, and beauty of this beloved Kingston landmark. The striking colors, intricate details, and immersive quality of the painting make it a perfect gift or keepsake for those who love Kingston and its unique artistic offerings.

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