Kingston artists uniquely celebrate winter with Froid’Art 2020


Lori Kallay here from Martello Alley . We are presenting our incredibly unique free public exhibition, Froid’Art again this winter. 

Please take a moment to watch our 2019 “best of” video We have a Facebook page @froid’art for you to peruse. If you could give us a shout out we would be so appreciative. We start on January 17th and run until the ice melts. Here is a map showing the locations.



It is so exciting to be writing about Froid'Art 2020! 

In case you haven't heard of Downtown Kingston's public art display that is so Canadian it may get you to miss (dare we say) a hockey game for an evening; then please, let us tell you what all the fuss is about!

It's been five years since Kingston artist David Dossett got tired of gloomy, long, bland winters. While Kingston is a truly beautiful city, the fact is that it is made of limestone. Not the brightest colour of rock, but hey, our founders had to work with what they had. In winter this grey can be, well, kind of depressing. 

The answer was ART! To an artist, the answer is always art regardless of the question. So David created Froid'Art. 2-dimensional art, frozen into 300 pound blocks of crystal clear ice. WOW! 

No one had ever done anything like this before, but that is David's style. If you're unconvinced, go to his art gallery-Martello Alley in downtown Kingston. You'll understand. 

For five years local artists have been creating images on Plexiglass. These are then frozen into giant "ice cubes" and are placed around downtown Kingston in partnership with local businesses and residents who act as sponsors. For extra zing, or the evening walkers among us, the installations are equipped with lighting. The glow of the art at night is magical and really something to be seen.

It is the partnerships formed over the past five years by both business and many media outlets that have kept Froid'Art a "go to" event in Eastern Ontario. On behalf of David Dossett, the local artists who have contributed and Martello Alley, thank you for your continued support. 

Last winter we feared that it would be our last. Sponsorship and installation issues were a losing snowball fight. With a few tweaks to funding timelines and such, we can proudly say "We're Back" and we can't wait for you to see what we have in ice for 2020. 

A wonderful, artful twist of fate has seen a second Froid'Art exhibit in Lacombe, Alberta. We are so proud to have inspired another community to embrace our Canadian winter through art. 

Think cold thoughts; its crazy, we know but the art lasts until the ice melts.


Have an artful day,

Lori Kallay

Martello Alley 

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