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A Little Gallery With BIG Ambitions

It is hard to imagine that just over a year and a half ago Martello Alley came into being. In that time so much has happened. We have met so many people from all over the world and right here at home who ventured into our little alley gallery. We have had the distinct pleasure of working with so many talented artists who have all brought something truly unique and inspiring to our "table". We have grown from our association with our artists; both professionally and personally. We have learned how to use the technology available to us to introduce ourselves to you. We have curated two public art exhibitions and plan on many more. We have been in the newspapers and national radio, and local & National television. We have worked in co-operation with other Downtown businesses to create meaningful partnerships that benefit not only us, but our customers as well. We have been included in documentaries and music videos. We have hosted artful public gatherings complete with live music.
All the while, our talented group of artists keep producing amazing work in multiple genres to keep you, our clients intrigued.
In other words we have been successful and that is because of hard work, grit, vision and most of all, you, our customers.
Every smile and "wow" we receive from you; every word of support and positive feed-back about our work and gallery; every purchase you make no matter how small tells us we are on the right track. It forges a tenacity in us to do more and to do it differently than other galleries because we believe that art should be comfortable and fun.
We hope as we go into our future that Martello Alley remains a driving force in the downtown area. It is a mandate for us that this community continues to grow and be vibrant, full of interesting places to visit both during the day and in the evening. We will strive to produce artful events to encourage this sense of community and we can't wait to share them with you!
So, thank you for your support of Martello Alley and the Arts in Kingston, it means the world to us.
Have an artful day!

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