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Sketches of Martello Alley - Spring 2020 (COVID-19) Edition

Image: "Martello Alley" by David Dossett

A message on behalf of the artists of Martello Alley

Well, it's been quite a start to 2020, hasn't it? Just when we were starting to emerge from winter, along comes a global pandemic. We hope that during all of this you and your loved ones have kept safe and well. I suppose that there is at least one silver lining in all of this chaos -- Since I am stuck at home (like everyone else) I have the time to work on projects that have been set aside -- like our social media, and our email updates!

So much has happened since the last time we reached out to you. So to bring you up-to-date, here are just some of the things we have accomplished: 

We hosted our sixth Froid'Art exhibit. To see one of our videos click on this link


We remain #4 on Tripadvisor's list of "Things to do" in Kingston. If you would like to see our Tripadvisor listing and/or leave a review to help us out you can see it here.


We started producing videos highlighting public art and points of interest in Kingston. You can see them here.


One of our artists, Joanne Stanbridge, who goes under the name Everdello, published a series of tiny books. One of my favourites, of course, is The Martello Alley Story. She also published a beautiful colouring book of Kingston. You can see them and preview them on our Website. She also created downloadable colouring pages; there are two posted so far and you can find them here and here. Just make sure you use the code MARTELLOYGK get the 100% discount.


And this year, on February 1st,  we launched a new store downtown. It is called Martello on Brock and it is located at 66 Brock Street, just steps from the market square. You can visit the store online on Facebook and Instagram. And if you would like a peek at what it looks like inside, here is a video.


That's about it, at least for now. We just wanted to let all of you know that we are still here (knock on wood). And although our doors are closed, our Website and social media are available 24/7 to browse our collections, purchase online, or ask questions.

We really appreciate the support that you, our customers and our friends, have given us and hope that you will keep us in mind if you are looking for that special something for that special someone (maybe for you..?). After all, in spite of all of this chaos, life goes on, and people need some cheering up from time to time, right? Let us know how we can help!

And if you would like to know how you can continue to support our little artist collective, as well as other locally-owned businesses like ours, here is how you can do it without spending any money at all:

Invite your friends to like us on social media
Give us shout-outs and tag us and your friends
Share our posts, and this update

But most importantly, stay safe. Stay indoors, as much as possible. Help flatten the curve. We want to be able to see you again when all of this is done and we can emerge from this funk!

Until next time!

#shoplocal  #flattenthecurve 


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Sketches of Martello Alley ~ Spring & Jardin'Art

“She turned to the sunlight

    And shook her yellow head,

And whispered to her neighbor:

    "Winter is dead.” 

A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young


This may seem harsh, unless you're a Canadian. And if we're being completely honest, winter doesn't go down without a fight! So, when the season finally holds its breath for the next 5 or 6 months, we just want to celebrate

It's the perfect time to get outside; take in the fresh air and sunshine. Just feel that vitamin D boost! Why, we may even think about applying sunscreen. Everything seems so new and alive; and that's where Martello Alley comes in. 

Jardin'Art is returning this year! It is our celebration of all things Spring through a public art exhibit in downtown Kingston.

Jardin'Art is art created to be left outdoors; perfect for the garden! Or the patios of downtown merchants where you will find many of the works displayed. Patio & Art & Garden, what a great combination! 

We have sought the talents of amazing local artists to present a diverse collection of art! Art work on antique window screens or Plexiglas, with subjects and styles as varied as the creative minds behind them; Jardin'Art is sure to be full of surprises! (Spoiler, the art is lit up at night)

We hope you can plan a night out with friends or family (or both!) and come Downtown. See some amazing art for free while you have a nice dinner or coffee or drinks; take a stroll in the warmer weather; discover a new neighbourhood and some of the most impressive architecture!

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