Sketches of Martello Alley - December 2017


It makes me proud to

think that the

residents of Kingston

feel a kind of

ownership to

Martello Alley.

That’s when you

know that you have

become an integral

part of the

community. That is

what keeps me


David Dossett



Thanks to You

We continue to grow both in business and reputation. What started out as an idea, a vision, indeed a dream, has become a reality. That is because of our dedicated artists and you, our customers and followers on social media.

Our artists do so much more than create amazing and diverse art. They take on responsibilities in the gallery such as curation, gallery organization, systems management and social media/promotion. Martello Alley is because our artists care; and it shows. We wouldn’t be successful without your dedication. Thank you! 

Our visitors keep us energized! Whether from St. Petersburg, Russia; or just down the road, we love the looks on your faces when you experience the art that surrounds you as soon as you come in the Alley. We really love when we get feedback from you through reviews and comments and tweets. What we really love is chatting with you about the artists and their work inside the gallery. Your purchases and tags on social media are helping emerging artists and Martello Alley become recognized. We are so grateful. Thank you.      

Community is woven into the fabric of Martello Alley. We believe that public art is a vital part of any community, large or small. It provokes conversation, sometimes controversy, always critique and it widens our horizons. It makes us more intelligent and open to new ideas. With this in mind, Martello Alley has been the force behind public art projects such as Froid’Art and Jardin’Art . Seeking to unite art, artists, business and the public for the benefit of the entire community through art, these projects have been great successes for everyone involved! As proud recipients of two Livable Cities Awards and a nominee for New Business of the Year award, we are honoured to give back to Kingston’s art scene and the vitality of downtown. To our community partners, thank you!

Froid’Art is Coming!

Our amazing group of artists will be busy creating some fabulous art to be frozen into 300 pound blocks of ice in the new year. This is a free public art exhibit created to encourage engagement with you, the public and art, architecture and local downtown businesses.
There is something new coming to Froid’Art this year! Since we love art and we love to see kids involved in art and community, we are having a contest to include a student piece in Froid’Art in two age categories. We can’t wait to see the amazing art! It is going to be hard to choose. 
In the past years we have painted a variety of trees and flowers to make you think of spring, a goldfish tank, a racing robot and kids having winter fun. We can’t wait to share our new visions for Froid’Art, coming this February!