Barbara (Tisdale) Simard


Barbara (Tisdale) Simard is a fabric artist, born and raised in Kingston.
An early interest in sewing developed into the pursuit of finding other creative ways to use fabric and that journey led to creating fabric wall art and now fabric sculpture.
In 2006, Barbara started creating fabric wall art. Fabric wall art scenes are like doing a puzzle only in reverse. Pieces of fabric are assembled in a collage to create the art scenes. The scenes are often inspired by photographs taken in nature settings. Some fabric art scenes have hundreds of pieces of material. Scenes are either placed behind glass or painted with a water based sealer to protect the material and colour of the material.
In 2014, Barbara started creating three-dimensional fabric sculptures using Powertex; a textile hardener from Belgium. Powertex can be used with any natural substance. Sculptures often begin with creating a wire armature and using cotton fabric or other natural fibres/substances. Sculptures take up to 2 weeks to completely dry/cure.
Barbara has created 130+ indoor and outdoor fabric sculptures and is expanding her creativity to include landscape three dimensional art. Outdoor sculptures are treated with a weatherproof finish and are suitable for placement on a balcony, patio or in a garden.
In 2015 Barbara was certified by Powertex Canada to instruct others in using the products. She now offers one day fabric sculpture workshops and can be contacted by email at, or by telephone 613 544-8966.
Visit to view Barbara’s sculptures and fabric wall art.
Barb's art can also be found here.