Autumn’s Rainbow

Rosalyn Insley


Tree Clad Rocks by Rosalyn Insley

In the painting titled "Autumn Rainbow," a grey rocky point juts into the tranquil water. At the heart of this composition stands a maple tree, adorned with resplendent hues of red and gold. Its fiery leaves are a striking centerpiece, radiating warmth and vitality against the muted rocks. Beside the maple, a regal pine tree reaches skyward with branches adorned in shades of green and blue, providing a stunning contrast to the maple's fiery display. The juxtaposition of these two trees symbolizes the changing seasons, where the evergreen pines remain steadfast as the deciduous maple embraces the autumnal transformation. Beneath the trees, an undergrowth of burgundy and gold foliage blankets the ground creating a rich and inviting carpet. Above, the cerulean sky serves as a backdrop to the symphony of colors below. As a final touch, the entire scene is mirrored in the still waters below, creating a reflection that enhances the sense of harmony and depth in this painting.
12 x 12 gallery canvas, edges painted black



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