Froid'Art 2024

Martello Alley


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Introducing Martello Alley's Froid'Art Winter Ice Art Display: Transforming the Frosty Cityscape into a Canvas of Color

"Winter Blues? Just add art!"

Ever wondered what the world would look like without art? According to a group of imaginative kids aged 5 to 13, it would be a place devoid of color, unimaginably boring, outright ugly, and lacking in fun things to look at. Strangely, their answers perfectly encapsulate the typical Canadian urban winter – a landscape often characterized by monotony, uniformity, and a certain lack of vibrancy. As the holiday decorations and lights are packed away, the winter months can bring about a sense of dreariness that's hard to shake off.

But fear not! David Dossett and the talented artists of Martello Alley are once again launching "Froid'Art" for the third winter in a row. While it may not transport you to warmer climates, this vibrant and cheerful ice art display promises to be a colorful escape from the grayscale surroundings of winter city life.

For those unfamiliar with Froid'Art, here's a brief overview: Local artists craft exquisite works of art on large pieces of plastic, which are then frozen into 300-pound blocks of crystal-clear ice. Each block is illuminated, creating a breathtaking night-time spectacle. 
Martello Alley is committed to promoting the downtown community, and Froid'Art is just one way they contribute to keeping the area lively. Collaboration with other downtown businesses and homeowners allows for the sponsorship of these captivating ice art blocks. A map will be available online and at Martello Alley, guiding the public to the various art installations. This initiative encourages people to explore new neighborhoods, discover Kingston's remarkable architecture, make new friends, and find local businesses.

Froid'Art is a free public art exhibit, fostering a strong sense of community. The launch is set for the end of January, and the exhibit will continue until the ice melts. Brace yourself for some polar vortex action and join in the celebration of winter transformed into a canvas of creativity.

So, gather your thermos of hot chocolate, bundle up in your warmest winter gear, rally some friends, and discover the joy that winter can bring when you just add art to the frosty equation.

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