Misty Sunrise by Kristi Bird

Kristi Bird


Misty Sunrise by Kristi Bird

Acrylic on canvas, 14” x 11”

I have always been fascinated by mist and fog, the way the light catches it and the prisms of colour that bounce of it. I wanted to be able to paint it the way I see it, not just the way the camera captures it, not just a wash of white over top of other colours. This piece is part of a series I painted to try to capture the mist. This was a wonderful day trip and a beautiful fall morning. I left before the sun came up and was pleasantly surprised to see the mist rising off the water and the fog rolling across the open fields. Driving through Minden proved to be the most spectaular sights of the day. As I approached these lovely rapids the sun on the mist was incredible. I have never before been so captivated by a scene.

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