The Top of the World by Kristi Bird

Kristi Bird


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The Top of the World by Kristi Bird

Acrylic on canvas, 36” x 48”

I seem to be running with a theme here. I wonder if "favorite spots" is a theme or just what every other painter does. When i go out places I tend to need a soft place to stop and think. Nature always provides that for me. I have many favorite spots, favorite rocks to sit on, favorite places to stop and compose myself, most have a beautiful view, and all have a connection to a wonderful conversation in my mind. In this place the wild daisies grow in the rocky field nearby. I pick some to honour my girl. I have sat precariously on this very cliff with my easel and paints. one foot dug into a crevice for security. My easel half lodged into a low growing juniper. The wind and the dust matting my hair, I sit there, a hot and sweaty mess, but I paint. A young boy out fishing, scrambles down the cliff face to get closer to the water. How easy he makes it look.
This painting is of one of my favourite spots.

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