Through the Summer Smoke and Haze

Rosalyn Insley


Through the Summer Smoke and Haze by Rosalyn Insley

This painting captures the wild beauty of nature, where the interplay of rugged terrain, vibrant foliage, and distant horizons combine to create a scene of both tranquility and untamed wilderness.
A rugged and weathered grey rock shoreline stretches out into the distance, leading the viewer's eye on a journey of exploration. The rocks bear the marks of time, with their rough texture and muted shades of grey. In a striking contrast, gold-colored pine needles blanket the ground. These vibrant needles, scattered among the rocks, add a warm and inviting touch to the scene. Towering evergreen trees stand proudly along the shoreline, their deep green and blue foliage providing a harmonious counterpoint to the starkness of the rocks. In the distance, the shore appears hazy and indistinct, lending an air of mystery to the landscape.
12 x 12 gallery canvas, edges are painted black



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