Clare Williams

Born in Cardiff, Wales into a musically and artistically gifted family, Clare spent her childhood surrounded by the exquisite music of Bach and Mozart, incredible Inuit art and soapstone collected by her father on his many trips to Moose Factory, and original paintings and sketches from then unknown local artists.  The house was always full of colour and life, music, nature and the love of the arts in all its forms. Her father was always tinkering with something, building something, sketching, making jewellery, exploring photography or learning - always learning - just for the sake of it. Her mother, a professional musician, when not imparting her knowledge to her vast stable of students, could usually be found in the garden, tending to her flowerbeds, and reveling in the beauty of each bloom.

How then, could Clare not find herself drawn to the arts? Over the past 25 years she has dabbled in music, jewellery making, sewing, clay, and much more. Then, on a whim, she decided to take a stained glass class, more years ago than she can count, and she was smitten. Glass, in all its colours and textures and forms, became her passion. After short stints at traditional stained glass, then glass fusing, she felt the need to explore something more free-form, something which would allow her to combine the stunning colours of glass with other media, and Mad Mosaics was born.

Each Mad Mosaic piece is made entirely of up-cycled materials, from the frames to the trinkets, buttons, glass and found objects embedded within. They have become to Clare the embodiment of that magical, artistic childhood, the lessons she learned from her parents, and the passion they ignited.


You will find Clare's work here.