Helen Baker

Helen Baker

Helen Baker

Helen Baker is a Canadian abstract painter living in Kingston, Ontario. She is also a local activist that aims to raise awareness about mental illness by donating to the Kingston Defeat Depression campaign.


After Helen finished her Classical Studies degree at Queen’s University (B.A. Hons 2009), she was diagnosed with depression . Since then, she has learned to channel the suffering into her art.

Furthermore, after two successful art shows in the fall of 2020, the first in Kingston and then another in Belleville, she has begun painting daily. She has an affinity for vibrant colors and long flowing lines. Helen is also inspired by the effect of stained glass, as it combines the interplay between color and light. She also often combines both acrylic and oil paints on the same canvas, as she enjoys how fusing both mediums creates a multidimensional effect.

Nowadays, Helen paints by a window with lots of sunlight and music. When not painting, she loves spending time with her two hound dogs, Molly and Talullah, as well as swimming all summer long in Lake Ontario. Helen is also a certified yoga teacher, and she has taught throughout Australia and Canada. Now she combines her love of yoga with her passion for painting, as she finds both art forms allow her to go into an almost dreamlike state.

Even now, Helen struggles with the stigma people with mental illnesses often face in our society, so when she found out about the Kingston Defeat Depression campaign, a program that aims to raise funds for local mental health services like Resolve Counselling Canada, she knew she had to help out. Now she has found a way to give back to her community by donating 10% of her painting sales to this cause she feels extremely passionate about.

Helen’s goal is to inspire hope and put out some much needed good into the world.

Above all, she believes that if art can lessen her pain, it can help others as well. See @bakerhelen86 for more info.You can see more of Helen's work here

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