Leith Channen

Leith Channen often thinks of her life as a crazy quilt, a varied mix of roles, skills and endeavours all patched and embroidered together. In November 2020, she took on the challenge of painting a watercolour from a daily prompt. She’d always done creative work with her hands (mostly wool, fabric, and thread-based crafts) and wanted to branch out to painting and drawing. This call spurred her to leap. She loved it! Even the terror of putting a paint-loaded brush onto pristine white paper. She completed those 30 works and itched to learn more about letting water flow pigment across and into cold-pressed cotton.
Leith found Angela Fehr and her Heartled Artists Community where Leith’s fledgling passion found nurture and support to be brave with water, colour and mark-making.
Her Mother’s artist’s voice echoed in her mind, helping her see the wondrous colours and shapes of the ever-changing skies and hidden in the woods and fields of Ontario.
When some of these make their way onto her paper, Leith’s heart is content.