M.P. Tully

As a child M.P. Tully drew a picture of an interesting old house across the street from his grade three classroom, the house no longer exists and the drawing long gone, but the passion for capturing the energy of buildings and people is brighter than ever.

Tully studied fine arts at St. Lawrence College before the program was cancelled in the early 90’s. He decided early on that what he enjoyed most of all was being amongst people when working on his art. Whether working on location painting a beautiful heritage building in Kingston or abroad, sketching an amazing musical act, an important hockey game, or a wall mural on the side of a motel in B.C. At times, Tully also enjoys getting away from it all, exploring the wilds and capturing breathtaking landscapes.

Tully is also a musician and singer-songwriter, he has played in many bands over the years including his folk pop duo with his wife, Kyra and Tully.