Meg Muirhead


Meg Muirhead finds creative inspiration for her encaustic works by looking out the window. She was born in Hamilton, followed her family all over Canada and Europe and now calls Kingston home.
Meg has studied at the Halliburton School of Art and with several well-known Canadian encaustic artists and has been creating her waxy paintings for the past 12 years. 'It was the fragrance of the wax, that smell of honey and flowers that first drew me in. But I think it's wax's ability to be such a chameleon - changing from a flat glassy surface to a highly textured one that keeps me with it. Encaustic medium can be combined with so many other things; photographs, fabrics, organic matter, oil paint, pastels, shellac, the list goes on. It's never, ever boring!'
Megs pieces have been sold to clients from around the world. She was chosen as one of 40 Ontario artists to display their art at the provincial legislature in Toronto in 2018. She is currently represented by Martello Alley and Martello on Brock galleries in Kingston.


You can find Meg's work here.