Piotr Bielicki

Peter Bielicki has enjoyed  an animated film production career for over thirty years.  His experience covers a broad range of
disciplines ranging from production and concept design, layout art, background styling and execution, storyboard art,
workbook, scene planning for multiplane, script writing, art direction and direction.
He has worked in the United States, Europe and Canada for a number of high profile studios such as Crawley Films, 
Nelvana, Animation House, Passion Pictures, Walt Disney Television U.K., and Walt Disney Feature Animation in Los Angeles.
The span of Peter's career has involved work in television commercials, series work as well as internationally released 
feature films such as Walt Disney’s Pocahontas, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan and Atlantis. 
Additionally Peter has spent time teaching layout and design concepts at the Sheridan College Animation 
Recently Peter Bielicki currently resides in Kingston Ontario and had worked for Showcommunications, a local multimedia

You will find Piotr’s work here.