Sharon Csernak


The images that I create express a deep inner dialogue fueled by my passion for fantasy and visual stories. My heart is crafting a multi-layered narrative that my mind beckons me to bring into reality on each blank canvass I work with.
I grew up in a rural area with a vast and seemingly mystical forest right on the edge of my backyard. I spent a great deal of time exploring those woods and imagining myself being transported to an infinite spectrum of worlds and magical realms within the expanse of my mind’s eye.
My work speaks to a diverse range of feelings from intrepid adventure, pure wonder, bliss and despair. Uncertainty, adversity - and most of all the sublime journey we all long for through escapism.
With fantasy characters and settings I am able to set out on a grandiose series of vibrant visual journeys and invite the viewer along to experience and interpret my creations using their own unique perspective.
Each painting represents but a fragment within a myriad of worlds, timelines and universes. I use these characters and evocative landscapes to translate my personal journey and experiences through life for better or for worse.
There comes a time when we all want nothing more than to sever the bonds of reality and immerse ourselves in the infinite potential of our imagination.
Thank you for coming along for the ride.

You will find Sharon's work here.