Yvonne Merton-Fox

A gypsy in spirit, after a childhood of moving from one country to another, Yvonne has never been able to answer the classic question “where do you come from”? For years she agonised over how to put her answer in a nut shell, how to wrap it up in a neat response. The answer was nowhere and everywhere. England, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Canada and the Canary Islands…...

Born in Germany, she soon moved with her British parents to London and in time from there to Turkey. The rich sights, colours and sounds remain in her soul to this day and are the first layer of influence in her painting style. That wonderful, mesmeric world was followed by a move back to Germany, a new step-family and a multitude of changes, another language after Turkish and English, and she was only seven years old!

Already in her young life, it became perfectly clear that she needed to create an escape route where silence and dreams could exist. A corner in which to hide from the ever present and urgent need to adapt to changes. She discovered that being alone with a paintbrush and paint could become the constant and reliable friend she had been craving throughout all the lonely, restlessness.

Boarding school in England followed and if ever an escape route was necessary, it certainly was there! Rescue came in the shape of a wonderful space called The Tad, a huge art room full of magic at the very top of the large, Victorian building overlooking the sea. Yvonne escaped there at every opportunity, out of the way of fearsome teachers and bitchy little girls. The art teacher was warm and fun, unlike many of her cohorts and her classes became the shining light of Yvonne’s life. She left school armed with her GCE diploma in fabric design.

Marriage followed at 18 after a year in Paris learning French and history of art and after three years of living in the beautiful rolling hills of Cheshire, she and her husband moved with their children to Canada, became a Canadian citizen and entered the first period of extended sanity and calm in her life!

Yvonne returned to Canada six years ago from the Canary Islands where she lived on the island of Lanzarote for 16 years with her second husband. Their business in tourism took them to many exciting destinations, Cyprus, Portugal, Gozo but the most fabulous of them all was Marrakesh! Here Yvonne’s senses came to life, memories of Turkey with swirling colour as far as the eye could see.

Unconscious, vibrational memories are the foundation of her paintings. Intuitive Painting has become Yvonne’s passion and she uses it to bring her inner being to life through her art. Her soul takes over the tools, her brain is turned off and peace ensues.

Her colour palette is strong and joyful, stemming from her kaleidoscope of memories. The Intense colours of the Canary Islands, the red minerals in the volcanoes, the sun, sea, sand and fauna. Markets and Souks in Marrakesh, English country gardens and so much more.