Pewter Christmas Ornament - Summerhill Maple Leaf by Cindy Johnson

Martello Alley


This ornament has been handcrafted from a real maple leaf felled in the Queen’s Arboretum in front of Summerhill.

My work is inspired by mother natures creations; the contrast of simplicity and intricate fine details. The beauty and significance of the Maple seemed most important to celebrate this year.

The maple tree has been significant for centuries to indigenous people, they were the first to discover its sap as a source of energy and nutrition; a sacred gift from the Creator.

The ten native species of Maple trees that grow across canada teach us the lesson that hard work reaps great rewards and blessings from its valuable wood, sweet sap to its great beauty in our landscape.

It’s the perfect symbol to represent us all as we begin the next 150 years together.

Happy Holidays!

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