Brian's Record Option



Brian's Record Option 2012 commission- This is a mystical experience painting. Where I  'made up' the posters in the windows and put the Beatles crossing the road at the Top (Abbey Road) in my painting...  just as Brian decided to put the same poster in the same spot of his window (without knowing I was painting his shop) NO LIE and... it gets weirder.  My wife and musical partner (Kyra and Tully) and I finally (years in the making) played a show at my friend John's at 'The Record Store' in Ottawa, last year.. and I was wearing my tee shirt that has the painting of Brian's Record Option that I painted, on the shirt. I'm telling John this story, when a customer lady comes up and buys 'The Beatles Abbey Road Album'. No joke!! John Is commissioning me to paint his shop after the plague settles down, who knows what mysterious thing may happen. 

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