Cherry Blossoms by Julie M. Green

Julie M Green


18” x 18” 

"I wanted to create pieces that were beautiful and whole in their simplicity, much like flowers themselves. But unlike real blossoms, these are perpetually in bloom; they never lose their vibrancy. They never wilt or decay." 
"The bright pops of colour signify the joy, hope, and anticipation of the coming spring. That anticipation was never more palpable than this past winter during the pandemic—a drawn-out time of isolation and despair for so many." 

While living in Toronto, Julie resumed her longtime passion for visual arts. Whether she is creating portraits, florals or landscapes, the same bold use of color is in evidence. Her style is at once vibrant and spirited with influences ranging from Art Deco to Pop Art.

Each piece is gallery-wrapped, painted with acrylic and a layer of liquid glass resin.


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