Flak Gun, (German WW2 & StarWars/Empire Strikes Back)

Todd Tremeer


Flak Gun, (German WW2 & StarWars/Empire Strikes Back) $700
Watercolor, gouache & ink
Frame size: 17.5 x 19 inches

Todd Tremeer painting/printmaking
‘I paint with oils and watercolour, make etchings and linocuts. My art oscillates between historical and landscape themes. Be it painting outdoors or from miniature models, close observation of my subject is an important element in my work.’

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Todd Tremeer Artist Statement:
As a kid I liked history and its stories. I had a train set and built model kits. Ultimately the train outgrew its table, wrapped itself around the room and was overrun by Hot Wheels cars and small soldiers. Today I continue to think about model building―albeit dioramas associated with museums, train sets, dollhouses and pop-up books.

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