Golden Rooster Deli

Shirley Gibson-Langille


Opened in 1964 at the Traffic Circle, then later moved to the Kingston Shopping Centre. In 1982 they moved to the present location at 111 Princess Street. The Golden Rooster was started by Orla Larsen and his wife Aase, who moved to Canada from Denmark. Their four children, Pia, Claus, Janie and Lisa were all part of the business. Claus died in 2000. In August 2015, however, the Larsen's sold the building and business although many of the staff continue to work there under new management.

About the artist:

Shirley Gibson-Langille was born in Toronto, but now calls Kingston home, where she is very active in the arts scene. As a Romantic Painter, Shirley works on location, taking the time to connect with her subject, always with a feeling of joy for the love of things just as they are!   

Over the past many years, Shirley has given and continues to give her artists’ perspective to so many of the unique nooks and crannies of Kingston, as well as the other special locations she captures in her work.

Shirley specializes in Portraits of homes and businesses.

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