Cathy Liptrot



Meet Cathy Liptrot, the creative genius behind these enchanting little creatures, hailing from the charming town of St. Mary's, Ontario. Cathy's journey with these delightful elves began a few years ago when she retired early for health reasons. Crafting these tiny wonders quickly became a therapeutic passion for her.

As Cathy's health has been on the mend, she has been able to expand and diversify her creations, adding even more magic to each one. πŸ§β€β™‚οΈπŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ This year, her family and friends were lucky enough to receive these magical beings as Christmas gifts, and they became instant festive favorites.

But that's not all! Cathy's latest additions to her enchanting collection are the "Forest Folk," and they're already making a splash at the farmer's market in St. Mary's. 🌿🌳 And now, they're venturing to Kingston, Ontario, to take part in something truly special – Martello Alley, Ontario's only art alley.

Cathy's charming creations will be a part of Martello Alley's "Elf on a Shelf" scavenger hunt, spreading joy and wonder throughout Kingston. πŸŽπŸ§β€β™€οΈ Don't miss the chance to explore her mesmerizing world and bring a little magic into your life.

Support a talented local artist and discover the wonder of Block Elves, Felt Elves, and now, the enchanting Forest Folk.


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