Moules et palourdes

David Dossett


Introducing "Moules et Palourdes" by David Dossett - A French-Canadian Naive Delight

"Moules et Palourdes" is a captivating acrylic painting on panel by the talented artist David Dossett. In this charming piece, Dossett skillfully captures the essence of French-Canadian life and artistry, drawing inspiration from the renowned Jean-Paul Lemieux while infusing it with his unique perspective.

At the heart of this artwork is a depiction of David's beloved wife, Wendy, set against the backdrop of Martello Alley, a quaint corner of picturesque French-Canadian charm. The colorful "Strasbourg wall" of Martello Alley acts as a vibrant canvas, vividly showcasing the essence of this historic and artistic location. The "fish shop" adds another layer of character and vivacity to the scene, providing a lively contrast that further immerses the viewer in the enchanting world of the painting.

Measuring at a cozy 12" x 16", this piece is framed to perfection, enhancing the overall aesthetic and ensuring that it's ready to adorn your living space. Whether you're an admirer of the French-Canadian culture or simply appreciate the naive style that has made artists like Jean-Paul Lemieux famous, "Moules et Palourdes" offers an exquisite addition to your collection.

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