Cookies’n Cream Mug

Owen Davies


Cookies’n Cream Mug by Owen  marbled on the wheel starting with black and white clay. High fired stoneware.

When is a mug more than just a mug? The answer: when it is a stoneware mug handmade in the Kingston area by Owen. 

Did you know that not all mugs are made equal? Over time, plastic mugs can absorb flavors of the drinks. For example if you were drinking coffee regularly out of a plastic mug, and then after washing it you drink tea, you may notice the aftertaste of the coffee that was there before. And metal cups can sometimes leave that odd taste that you’ll notice when you’re drinking. The best choice.


Approx 3.5” high x approx 3.25”  1.14 lbs

Give yourself or someone else a special treat! Give one of these beautiful handmade mugs. You will be supporting a local artist!


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