Setting Sun on Upper Rock Lake

Rosalyn Insley


Setting Sun on Upper Rock Lake by Rosalyn Insley

In this captivating painting, the serene stillness of winter is brought to life. A frozen lake stretches out, its surface glistening with a bright blue shadow under the wintry light. At the heart of the frozen expanse sits a small rock island, its isolation emphasized by the icy surroundings. On this island, three magnificent pine trees stand tall and proud, their trunks cast in shadow, while their canopies catch the last rays of the setting sun. Along the distant shore, a swath of land catches the soft, golden rays of the sun, providing a warm and inviting contrast to the icy lake. This painting captures the essence of a serene winter's day, where nature's stark beauty is both fragile and resilient.  
24 x 24 gallery canvas, edges are painted black 



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