Sleepless Goat Inside

Shirley Gibson-Langille


The View inside and # 88 outside hopefully will help you see what it was like. The Goat is a cooperative. The rights of every person, regardless of their economic state, were represented. Those who couldn't afford to eat were given meals. There was a book trading section. "People watching" was popular at the Goat. You could see different kinds of people, students, professionals, families, the" artsie" and "letterie" types! Sadly after twenty-three years of service on March 10th, 2016 it closed. Score Pizza is now in the building.
About the artist:

Shirley Gibson-Langille was born in Toronto, but now calls Kingston home, where she is very active in the arts scene. As a Romantic Painter, Shirley works on location, taking the time to connect with her subject, always with a feeling of joy for the love of things just as they are!   

Over the past many years, Shirley has given and continues to give her artists’ perspective to so many of the unique nooks and crannies of Kingston, as well as the other special locations she captures in her work.

Shirley specializes in Portraits of homes and businesses.

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