Special Offer- Martello Alley Snowman Print + Martello Alley collectable coin (2020)

David Dossett


Our 2020 coin has arrived! And to celebrate, we are bundling the coin together with a print of the painting "Martello Alley Snowman" that inspired the coin design. That's a total value of $45.00 for the price of $2.00!

This year, the coin is based on the painting “Martello Alley Snowman.”

This little snowman is all alone in the courtyard at Martello Alley. He has a paint can for a hat and paintbrushes for hands. Why don’t you come down and visit and keep him company?

A collectable coin to mark the fifth year of Martello Alley.

Get your collectible coin today! It is good as legal tender at Martello Alley and Martello on Brock.


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