Stained Glass - Red Rose (print)

Alistair Morris


This is a print of a stained glass artwork by Alistair Morris)


Alistair is a 35 yr old artist who lives in the beautiful Thousand Islands area in Ontario Canada. He also happens to be profoundly Deaf and autistic. When he was 11 years old he was diagnosed with a rare cancer and given a likely 30% chance of surviving! What a miracle it is that he not only survived but was found to have skills previously not recognized which he could share with the world. As a child he had a problem with the very concept of language and so began to use his drawing as a communication tool. If he wanted to visit a friend in a nearby town, for example, he would draw their Victorian house on a square on the calendar!

 In his late teens his dad introduced him to Japanese doll making and stained glass because he loved detail so much. His careful attention to detail has enabled him to produce the most beautiful Japanese dolls and stained glass. He has continued with his sketching, taking classes at his local college and enjoying documenting his surroundings. 

Alistair’s story is one of hope. He was a child who seemed to have too many problems to succeed in anything but he proved everyone wrong. His art is a real gift he can contribute to the world.

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