Teal Still Life - 12" x 9 "

Erica Young


Teal Still Life - 12" x 9 " I was thinking of the 60's when I painted this acrylic on canvas. I saw these colours a lot at my grandmother's house. Her old sewing box, her luggage, sweaters and Tupperware; all of it was teal, olive green or tangerine. This painting has a wet wash around the edges to simulate the faded photographs I would find in the family album. The blue glass is an old ash tray which my grandmother was given on her wedding day despite not touching a cigarette in her life. The 60's weren't all sex, drugs and rock and roll for everyone. For some, the 60' were about family values and collecting synthetic items which would live in your house until a grandchild declares them 'kitsch' and puts them in a painting. $250.00

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