The Quad Queen’s : Framed Artist Proof

Pat Shea


The Quad Queen’s : Framed Artist Proof

All of Pat’s prints are Giclee. The word giclee (pronounced jee-clay) is a derivative of the french words gicleur ( nozzle) and spray ( gicler). Therefore, giclee directly translated means “ spray nozzle”, which is basically how most digital printers direct ink onto various materials. 

Our giclee are printed on 100% cotton fiber mould-made papers that feature a beau texture, and at 256gsm or 310 (grams per square meter) have actually a quality feel. The paper is pH-neutral, acid free and lignin-free, with no 
optical brighteners ( natural white paper only) and calcium carbonate as a filler. 

The inks used are pigmented, making the print water resistant and archival.
Framed and matted piece measures approx. 11” x 12”



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