David Dossett


"Zihuatanejo" - acrylic on canvas 16" x 20"

"Zihuatanejo" by David Dossett is a stunning acrylic on canvas painting that captures the essence of the city he and his wife Wendy adore in Mexico. The painting portrays a serene and tranquil view of Zihuatanejo, showcasing the city's lush greenery and calm ocean waters.

The painting's background is dominated by shades of blue and green, which create a soothing atmosphere that transports the viewer to the Mexican coastline. The brushstrokes are broad and flowing, giving the painting a sense of movement and fluidity.

In the foreground of the painting, Wendy is depicted in Dossett's signature abstract and simplistic style. The use of bold, contrasting colors, such as red and yellow, against Wendy's figure, adds a vibrant energy to the painting. Wendy's relaxed pose and peaceful expression suggest a feeling of contentment, as if she is at home in this beautiful city.

Overall, "Zihuatanejo" is a magnificent work of art that captures the beauty of this Mexican paradise, as well as the love and joy that David and Wendy feel when visiting this beloved destination. The painting is a heartfelt tribute to the couple's cherished memories and experiences, and a testament to the power of art to convey emotion and passion.

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