Martello Alley is Kingston's Hidden Gem!



An exhibit and sale of impactful pieces suitable for those larger walls in your home or business.


Meg Muirhead
24" x 36"
Acrylic mixed media on canvas
Around in Circles
Lucy De Sousa
20" x 20"
Acrylic on canvas 
From Above
Clare Williams
30" x 40"
Acrylic on canvas 
My Friend the Sea
Yvonne Merton Fox
24" x 30"
Acrylic mixed media on canvas 
Meg Muirhead
36" x 36"
Acrylic Mixed media on panel
Leith Channon
22" x 28"
Watercolour on canvas
City on Fire
Clare Williams
18" x 18"
Acrylic on canvas 




About Martello Alley

Martello Alley

The labyrinth of alley-ways in downtown Kingston are like little adventures we can explore everyday full of surprises, intrigue and history. A turn here, a stone wall there, secret little balconies with a view of a court yard or a sculpture quietly, humbly hanging above your head, these are all gems that are unique to Kingston! Well that alley-way adventure literally, just got a lot more intriguing, and colourful!
We are excited to introduce you to Martello Alley!
When you venture down Martello Alley at 203 B Wellington Street, prepare to have a smile that only great art and creativity can create! Reminiscent of, and inspired by La Rue du Trésor in Québec this is an adventure with an wonderfully artistic ending!
Martello Alley is an artist collective offering eclectic works that are sure to brighten any day. Offering original art work as well as prints, this is an art shopping experience designed for any budget and any style/size of space. Reminiscent of and inspired by La Rue du Trésor in Québec city, unique to Ontario, this is an adventure with a wonderfully artistic ending! Our work adorns the walls of the alley, tempting you further in to stroll the charming courtyard beautifully rich with local history and seasonal landscape design. Then wind up at the Atelier where you will find a gallery and artists with their works in progress to welcome you at the end.