Get out of the Way

David Dossett


Get out of the Way - print by David Dossett.

I remember waiting anxiously every year for the first big snowfall. My friends and I would head down the street to the golf club for that special hill that you could see from the road. That's where everyone's favourite toboggan hill was. One year I got a Krazy Karpet for Christmas. It was better that our old aluminum toboggan because it was made of vinyl and therefore fast on snow and ice, it could roll up and it was lightweight and easy to carry. Unfortunately it wasn't easy to ride on because I would always end up sliding off of it as I went down the hill. More often than not the Krazy Karpet and I would part company about halfway down the hill. And once I was able to remove what seemed to be several shovelfuls of snow from my face, neck and boots, the next task was to chase my Krazy carpet as it continued downhill.

These days all the hill like that are off-limits, because too many children died after hitting trees at the bottom of the hill. In my day I don't remember hearing of anyone seriously injured after hitting a tree. We would just be a bit dazed, and then shake it off. 

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