Fort Henry Vista - Artillery large card by Piotr Bielicki

Martello Alley


The illustration by artist Piotr Bielicki is a stunning and dramatic depiction of a Fort Henry cannon overlooking the St. Lawrence River and the Martello tower on Cedar Island. The illustration captures the essence of the historic Fort Henry and its surroundings, evoking a sense of strength and power.

In the illustration, a large Fort Henry cannon is shown in the foreground, with its barrel pointing towards the St. Lawrence River. The intricate details of the cannon are rendered in striking black and white, with sharp lines and angles creating a sense of precision and strength. The barrel of the cannon is slightly angled, as if it has just fired a shot, adding to the sense of action and motion in the scene.

Beyond the cannon, the St. Lawrence River stretches out towards the horizon, with the Martello tower on Cedar Island visible in the distance. The river is depicted in shades of blue and green, with delicate brushstrokes suggesting the motion of the water. The Martello tower is rendered in warm, earthy tones, standing out against the cool blues and greens of the river.

The use of color and composition in the illustration is masterful, with the Fort Henry cannon and the Martello tower occupying distinct but connected spaces within the frame. The overall effect is one of balance and harmony, with the strength and power of the cannon contrasting with the peaceful beauty of the river and the tower.

Overall, the illustration by Piotr Bielicki is a striking and memorable work of art, capturing the essence of the historic Fort Henry and its surroundings in a powerful and evocative way. Its intricate details and dynamic composition make it a perfect gift or keepsake for those who love Kingston's rich history and unique artistic offerings.

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