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Zao Soap and Pottery


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Natural hand made soap and pottery by Amanda


Growing up in Taiwan, Amanda loved to work with her hands; she would spend hours painting rocks and finding other ways to express her creativity. “Even now, I enjoy the meditative earthiness of working with clay, collaborating with the very material to help it become both functional and beautiful.” As a mom of three boys, Amanda believes in cultivating as healthy and natural environment as she can for her family. She began making natural soaps to protect the skin, the body’s first line of defence. “I carefully chose the best oils as ingredients for my family: olive oil is a natural humectant, it draws moisture from the air to the skin; essential oils each have their own beneficial properties. I completely avoid the use of cheap, environmentally irresponsible palm oil.” Once the soap is made, it takes 4-6 weeks to cure. Amanda then cuts it into individual bars, stamps them, and wraps each one individually by hand. Amanda’s Tip: Your soap will last longer if it can dry out between uses.

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