Anne Finlay

 Anne Finlay



As a local emerging artist, Anne’s present ‘focus’ is photography but she’s expanding her artistic repertoire which includes watercolor, collage, multi-media, jewelry featuring her photography, and poetry and prose. 

Martello Alley and Martello on Brock offer her the cool artistic vibe that suits her to a tee. Her work typically features both the off-beat, whimsical nature of life, as well as the calm and contemplative side of it. 

She continues to admire and learn from the work of local artists, educators, makers, writers, and musicians, and enjoys supporting them whenever possible.

She very much appreciates the opportunity to showcase her creations at Martello Alley and Martello on Brock, and the support and mentorship that David and Wendy so generously bestow.


You can see more of Anne's work here