Creativity Takes Courage

I want to hear YOUR ideas - what do YOU think we could do as a public art exhibit in Kingston with $25K USD? How can we win $25 K? Let me explain.
Here are some examples of the outdoor art I created using upcycled screens and leftover house paint.
As you can see, they survive the winter - because they are painted with house paint! See the photo of the commission I created for a customer, and the photo he sent me of his screen during a snowstorm.
My passion is using art - public art - to transform the ordinary, the blah, the unsightly, into something beautiful that everyone can enjoy. You may know me as the guy who, in 2015, launched Froid'Art, Kingston's unique winter ice art display. You also may know me as the guy who transformed a dank and dirty alleyway into a quirky, colourful, French-themed art alley, courtyard and art gallery. Well, I entered the DIY Hero contest where the grand prize is $25 K USD! Think of what I could do as a public art project with $25,000 US! Actually, think of what WE can do - because I really want to hear your ideas. What public art do you have in mind? I want to hear! Please comment below. Oh, yes - and I need your vote too! So please support this, whether you live in Kingston or just love Kingston! Voting is on now at the link below: