David Dossett

A Kingston native, David is a visionary artist who is passionate about community.

David has been the force behind recent public art projects such as Froid’Art 2015 and 2016 ( https://www.facebook.com/FroidArtKTown ) and Jardin’Art ( https://www.facebook.com/jardinArtKTown ) Seeking to unite art, artists, business and the public for the benefit of the entire community through art, these projects have been great successes for everyone involved! As we said, David is visionary and so he created Martello Alley. From the darkness of an old alley, David saw beauty and opportunity. He saw a unique place where art is shared. There is no exclusivity and everyone from the public who come in for a peek to the artists working on site, the Alley is relaxed and has a fun, friendly approachable feel to it. Again, art and the community connect.

David’s work has a beautiful relaxed, impressionistic feel to it. Wonderfully painted, his work often reflects his love for simple childhood memories; whether the images are from his childhood or his children.

Always thinking of new ways to get art into the community, David began experimenting with taking the outdoor art concept one step further and began creating wonderful images on window screens. Ready to be put in a garden or in a window, the work is fun and colourful and reflects David’s desire for art to be approachable.

David is our energizer bunny here at Martello Alley. He always has a smile and an idea. Did we mention that he is visionary? Keep an eye on David, you never know what will come next!

You will find David's work here.