Froid'art Blocks-How They Are Made

This is how the art is frozen into the 300 lb crystal clear ice blocks

This is a video from from 2021- Froid’Art is coming again to Kingston on January 25th! Follow Martello Alley on Facebook and Instagram for locations (coming soon) and updates. For now, here’s a video showing how the blocks are made. Thanks and credit to Rebecca of Iceculture for the photos and videos of the process at their plant in Hensall Ontario. Some quick facts:

Q: How much do the blocks weigh? A: 300 lbs each. W: How many will there be this year?


Q: who created and organizes the event every year?

A: This is a privately run event for the public, organized and funded by Martello Alley with financial assistance from generous businesses and individuals who sponsor our blocks.

Q: How long will the event last?

A: Until they melt. Note: we cannot predict or influence the weather, so visit them as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

Q: Are we allowed to take photos and videos and share?

A: absolutely! And please use the hashtags on the signs near each block. Q: What if I want to take a photo but there is snow covering the block? A: Brush the snow off.