Jardin'Art is back for 2023!

Jardin'art is brought to you by Martello Alley, with partnership funding by RTO9 - Southeast Ontario Regional Tourism Organization

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LATEST UPDATE: Here is version 3 of our map! You can download the full-size version by clicking on the map.

Jardin'art map v. 4


LATEST UPDATE: Here is version 2 of our map! You can download the full-size version by clicking on the map.

Version 2 of Jardin'art map

LATEST UPDATE: Here is version 1 of our map! You can download the full-size version here.

Jardin'art map

LATEST UPDATE: Thank you CKWS Global Kingston for the TV interview!

LATEST UPDATE: Artwork of several artists has being dropped off at Martello Alley. We also have some progress photos. A map of the installation locations will be available in a few days.

Photos of completed and works in progress can be found here

You can see photos from previous years here.



Do you harbor a secret love for outdoor art and patio hops? Does hiking and drinking at the same time sound like heaven to you? Do you relish the thought of art combined with the joy of being outdoors? Then, grab your sneakers, because Kingston's Jardin'Art promises to be an absolute blast! This downtown Kingston outdoor patio art walk is not just any walk; it is a project by none other than Martello Alley with partnership funding by RTO9.

Jardin'art is an enchanting outdoor art walk that breathes new life into the patios and public spaces of Downtown Kingston, Ontario. This unique project, brought to life by Martello Alley, in collaboration with partnership funding from RTO9, will transform the city's bustling streets into an open-air gallery, showcasing an array of captivating artworks.

As visitors embark on this artistic journey, they will be greeted by a diverse display of outdoor art that seamlessly blends with the urban landscape. Each piece has been carefully curated to evoke emotions, spark imagination, and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Kingston.

The walk will take participants on a meandering path through the heart of downtown, allowing them to immerse themselves in the beauty of art while enjoying the city's inviting atmosphere. Along the way, patrons can stop at various patios strategically located throughout the route, providing the perfect opportunity to relax, savor delicious local cuisine, and engage in conversations inspired by the artwork.

Jardin'Art is not just an art exhibition, it's a celebration of Kingston's art scene. The installations featured in the walk are created by a variety of local artists, who bring their unique styles to the fore. Each installation is distinct and showcases the myriad styles of Kingston's local art scene. From surrealism to abstract work to realism, the displays have it all.

Jardin'art will not only promote artistic expression but also foster a sense of community and connection. It will serve as a platform for local artists to showcase their talent and share their narratives with a diverse audience. The project will encourage dialogue, invites exploration, and create a dynamic cultural experience engaging both residents and visitors alike.

Jardin'art has been on a hiatus due to pandemic restrictions. However, thanks to the partnership funding provided by RTO9, Jardin'art has reemerged blossomed into a much-anticipated annual event. It enables the organizers to elevate the scale and quality of the exhibition, ensuring that it continues to captivate audiences year after year. The partnership also fosters collaboration between the local arts community, businesses, and tourism organizations, promoting Kingston as a vibrant cultural destination.

Whether you're an art enthusiast, a curious wanderer, or a local resident looking to experience your city in a new light, Jardin'art will offer an unforgettable outdoor art experience. It will combine the beauty of nature, the creativity of artists, and the warmth of Kingston's community, making it a must-visit attraction for anyone seeking inspiration, cultural enrichment, and a delightful exploration of Downtown Kingston's artistic soul.