Kyla Mayne

Kyla Mayne is a Psychology major at Queen's University with a passion for all things creative. A daydreamer since day one, she is inspired by both the world that surrounds her, and the one in her imagination. She likes to create visually striking pieces that combine the real and the fantastic in a style that conveys deep meaning. Working primarily in oils, her unique, eye-catching portraits incorporate a variety of different themes and motifs, tackling such concepts as the progression of fashion throughout the ages, the beauty, power and diversity of humans, and the splendor of nature!

Always looking to grow and evolve, she is constantly seeking to challenge herself and experiment with new media and subject matters. Recently, as a huge advocate for recycling, she has been repurposing old vinyl records, transforming them into one-of-a-kind pieces of art!

Her job as a social painting instructor has instilled in her a passion for making art more accessible, and she is ecstatic to continue her artistic voyage at Martello Alley. Aside from painting and drawing, she also loves writing novels, reading, researching, and telling lame jokes!


You can find Kyla's work here.