Meg Muirhead


Meg Muirhead is a city girl who finds creative inspiration for her encaustic works by living in the country. She was born in Hamilton, followed her family all over Canada and Europe and although her family currently lives in Kingston, Meg now calls Woodlawn, Ontario, and a house by the river, home.
Meg has studied with several well-known Canadian encaustic artists and has been creating waxy paintings for the past 10 years. 'It was the fragrance of the wax, that smell of honey and flowers that first drew me in. But I think it's wax's ability to be such a chameleon - changing from a flat glassy surface to a highly textured one that keeps me with it. Encaustic medium can be combined with so many other things; photographs, fabrics, organic matter, oil paint, pastels, shellac, the list goes on. It's never, ever boring!'
She creates abstract mixed media pieces using encaustic medium (beeswax and dammar resin), collage, oil paints, pastels, alcohol inks, shellac and whatever strange or broken bits and pieces she finds in and around her country studio....which speaks to the geologic and natural sciences influence of much of her current work.
There are also heat guns and blowtorches involved, but that's just part of the fun.
Megs pieces have been sold to clients from around the world. Her new works can currently be seen at Loch and Quay in Toronto and Blunt Salon in Kingston. She is represented by Martello Alley gallery in Kingston where several of her recent works can be seen.


You can find Meg's work here.