Monica Vico


Meet Monica Vico, the name behind Leith Channen Studios. Hailing from Kingston, Ontario, Monica is a self-taught artist and a part-time teacher, balancing her passion for art with the joys of educating in her vibrant community. Since January 2023, Monica has been an integral part of the Martello Alley artist collective, contributing her unique perspective and artistic flair to this dynamic creative hub. Her presence has enriched the collective, adding layers of innovation and fresh inspiration to the collaborative spirit of Martello Alley.

Monica's journey into the world of art is a testament to her determination and love for self-expression. Her self-taught approach has allowed her to explore a variety of mediums, resulting in a diverse body of work that showcases her versatility and creativity.

As a part-time teacher, Monica not only imparts knowledge to eager minds but also finds ways to infuse creativity into her educational endeavors. Her passion for teaching and art harmoniously intertwine, creating a positive impact on both her students and the broader community.