Nicole Couture-Lord

Originally from the Saskatchewan Prairies, Nicole now resides in the Kingston, Ontario region. She developed an interest in the historic landmarks and their stories of the area.  Nicole appreciates how they reflect the different personalities of different cultures now living in Kingston. Lake Ontario and the surrounding region also provide many beautiful and changing landscapes that can reflect her temperament and that is echoed in her photographs.
Nicole had no formal training in the fine arts, but that didn’t restrict her ability to enjoy shooting vibrant scenery with bold colours and textures affected by the light and shadows of the moment.  She has also explored infrared photography which provides a wonderful creative perspective of a typical image. Nicole is a member of The Kingston Photographic Club.

Recently discovering an appreciation for creating abstract art, Nicole finds it motivating to get her creative juices flowing. Her style is still evolving and her creative experiences in abstracts are helping her to grow in her art form.  For Nicole, it is a personal process without rules or limits.  Knowing the rules and then breaking them is all about creativity to her.  Nicole finds that inspiration often comes from the light travelling through glass objects or light bouncing off reflective surfaces. Shadows, ice breaking up, smoke, oil or beautiful scenery fill Nicole with photographic motivation.  The world is full of beautiful images and Nicole takes the time to see them.
The beauty of photography is that the artist can choose from any subject matter with endless choices of composition and lighting which can be further transformed in a digital darkroom with a variety of software.  Learning how to use this software to improve on her creativity is an ongoing learning experience for Nicole. This further opens up creative possibilities. After all, the definition of photography is “writing or drawing with light”


You can see Nicole's work here.