Alley Behind Sydenham Street 8 x10 print

David Dossett


Alley Behind Sydenham Street -

I painted this a few years ago when I realized how many of these quaint little alleyways there were in the downtown area of Kingston. For me, they are hidden little gems. The juxtaposition of building styles, colors and ages provides a beautiful mosaic. In this painting I wanted to capture the warmth and nostalgia you feel walking by one of these quaint mini streetscapes in autumn. I try to romanticize the most banal features including hydro lines and poles, transformers and even rustic old corrugated metal siding.

I don't mind peeling paint; for me, art is all about seeing beyond the rust and the flaked off paint to see the beauty below.

In your daily lives may you see past the rust to see your own painting hidden below.

David Dossett is the owner and an artist of Martello Alley. He captures wonderful moments of quiet reflection through his imagery of nature and his home town of Kingston, Ontario. He also engages us to think about simpler times of youthful innocence with his whimsical paintings of children playing.
This provides us with a moment to leave the negativity in world behind and refresh ourselves with memories of joyful times.
David's work can be found at Martello Alley or online at


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